Amazon Makes It Even Easier for You to Get Your Package

 Looking for another easy way to get your package from Amazon? They seem to be thinking of everything.

 Now, you can get a delivery to your car. Amazon Prime members in select cities could have packages delivered directly to their car. 

Have an issue with people stealing packages at your building? This could be a solution. How does it work? Prime members register their car model, complete checkout online as they typically would, and then park their car at the designated delivery address on the scheduled delivery date. A delivery driver remotely unlocks the car, places the package inside and re-locks the car.

 Last year, Amazon introduced a delivery option that would grant delivery drivers temporary access to your home to leave packages inside and off porches.

 Are you ok with the idea of somebody entering your car to drop off a package? Does this seem like a viable option for you?

Source: Getty Images

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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