Kittens brought back to life after being saved from IHOP fire


If this story doesn't brighten up your day, nothing will. 2 cats that had "died" in a fire were resuscitated and brought back to life. 

For a little context, a cat had given birth to four kittens outside of an IHOP in Virginia. A week later, a fire broke out at the restaurant. A neighbor who knew of the kittens was worried.

Billy The Kidden Rescue was notified. They found the kittens in the bushes laying lifeless. Volunteers wrapped the kittens up in a blanket, massaged their bodies and blew into their mouths to give them air. Two of the kittens started breathing again. 

The kittens were named Lazarus and Zuko. They have been placed in a foster home with their mother.

Your eyes teared up a little bit...didn't they! I know mine did.

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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