People Are Sharing Their Most Boring Celebrity Encounters

Have you ever crossed paths with a celebrity? 

It can be a neat experience, but apparently, according to Twitter, it can be really boring too. People are sharing their most boring celebrity encounters, and it's pretty funny! 

Just some of them were stories like "Sarah Michelle Gellar asking me how to connect to the WiFi on her iPad.", "Mark Wahlberg stops behind me at a newsstand. He burped.", "Chris Rock held the door open for me as I was leaving a Vietnamese restaurant with takeout", and "I once asked a random guy for directions. He turned around. It was Will Ferrell. He gave me directions. They were correct." 

So it's true! Celebrities really are normal people just like us! 

Read them below!

Have you ever had a celebrity encounter? Was it boring or a dream come true?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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