Women Fall Victim to 'Dine-And-Dash' By Pasadena Man They Met Online

 This is another cautionary tale when it comes to screening your potential dates that you meet online. 

Two California women have recently been victims of a 'dine-and-dash' scam by a man they met after talking online. Pasadena police told ABC News “there is an ongoing investigation into [the] activities” of a 45-year-old man named Paul Guadalupe Gonzales of Pasadena.

 KCBS reports that one woman was allegedly stuck with a $130 restaurant bill after, she said, her date “went all out,” ordering steak and shrimp on their recent date. The man allegedly then claimed he needed to get a phone charger from his car and never returned. 

Another alleged victim shared her story with Inside Edition. She said she had a similar encounter with a man she knew as "Mike." The woman, identified only as Carol in the story, said that when she arrived at the restaurant, her date was already eating and continued to order more. Are there more victims? Police believe there could be but they are afraid to speak up out of embarrassment.

 Have you ever been the victim of a "dine-and-dash"? 

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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