Woman Texts Man 65,000 Times After One Date

Online dating has led to love in some cases, but in a lot of cases it's ended up just being a nightmare. 

A woman named Jacqueline Ades met a guy on one of those dating websites for millionares and they went out together. The man must have assumed it was just a little date and that was that. But Ades had other plans in mind. 

The date the 2 went on was last summer, and since then, she hasn't gone away. Ades has been stalking this guy, taking baths in his house while he was away, and blowing up his phone with at least 65,000 text messages.And not just any text messages, these were wild. She wrote things like “Don’t ever try to leave me … I’ll kill you … I don’t wanna be a murderer!” and “I hope you die... rotten filthy Jew... lololol Im like the new Hitler… man was a genius."

 It got even worse last week though when the woman showed up at this guy's office claiming to be his wife. She was finally arrested a few days after that at her house and is now facing charges of threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear. She is being held without bond.

 What was your worst date?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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