Here Are the Cheapest Days to Grocery Shop

For some, grocery shopping can be a pain, but maybe it's because you're not shopping on the right days. 

 Ibotta, the app that partners with retailers, says that if you're doing all the grocery shopping during the weekend it's not right.  If you're getting wine get it on Tuesday and save 4 percent. Wednesday is for beer and bread. Thursdays are for sweets, and Fridays you can save on on produce and ice cream. 

Even when buying bread, the colors on the zip ties will tell you which day the bread was baked on. Monday is blue,Tuesday is green, Thursday  is red, Friday is white and Saturday is yellow. 

 Now that you know, you can use the weekend to eat all the groceries.  

Do you have a plan on when to get groceries? 

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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