Chipotle's Topping Off Their Menu With Bacon!

Chipotle's topping list is about to get a little longer--now they're adding BACON to the mix!

Yes, bacon! No, not in place as a protein, but as a topping!

This September, Chipotle's rolling out a bacon test at it Orange County and NYC locations. 

The deciding factor will be the success of those eight stores for Chipotle to decide if they should add the crisp, Applewood smoked bacon on their menu permanently. 

With the addition of bacon, it can open up more menu possiblities!

CEO Brian Niccol has brought up the idea of adding breakfast items to the menu. 

Could this bacon test have the possibility to jump-start a roll out of a new breakfast menu? 

We shall wait and see!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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