Oreo Is Releasing A Box Designed For Left Handed People!

Today (8/13) is International Left Hander's Day and Oreo is celebrating in the greatest way ever!

If you're left handed then you know that the odds are kind of stacked against us and we are basically living in a right-handed world.

I mean there's right-handed scissors and kitchen appliances, right-handed desks where everyone else's arm rests comfortably and ours just hang off the side, and of course those ink smudges!

Well Oreo is understanding our pain because in honor of International Left Hander's Day, they're releasing the first-ever Left-Handed pack of OREO cookies!

Starting today, fans will be able to sign up to among the first to receive one of these limited-edition Oreo packs specifically designed for lefties. 

The flap on the Oreo pack opens on the right side of the pack to make it quick and easy for lefties to pull it up and dig in.

You can sign up for a chance to get your hands on these Oreos by just heading over to the site.

Finally, something meant for us left-handers!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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