Olivia and John 'Go Together' In Celebrating 40 Years Of "Grease"!

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John 'go together' to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Grease"!

That's right! It's been 40 years since the premiere of the 1978's most successful musical movies of all time. "Grease" is often imitated, but there's nothing like the original.

The iconic film was celebrated Wednesday night, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The event hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gathered plenty of familiar "Grease" faces, such as, Didi Conn, who starred as Frenchie and Barry Pearl, who played Doody from the T-Birds.

Newton-John, 69 and Travolta, 64 who played the iconic Sandy and Danny are one of the best on-screen duos of all time!  "Hopelessly Devoted To" each other, they still looked great together while on side by sidon the red carpet.

40 years later and they still have the moves! The two showed off their skills moves re-enacting some famous dance moves from the movie, and we're loving it!

Joined on the red carpet by the director "Grease", Randal Kleiser, the cast posed for iconic photos.

They were all so honored to be there and reminisced on some of their favorite scenes. Olivia was explaining how the final carnival scene was one of the hardest because of the weather and her super fitted outfit, not to mention all the choreography.

"It was really, really hot and I had to be stitched into my pants, so I couldn’t drink much and it was so hot, but we had fun.”

“We were so excited to do that song because it invites so much excitement,” Travolta added. “I ignored the heat and said, ‘To hell with it. I can’t wait to do this.'"

The cast also revealed there was an alternate ending! Do you remember "Grease" ending when Danny and Sandy zoom into the sky in Danny's car? Well, apparently, the alternate ending leaves Danny giving her a big kiss and Sandy says, "Oh!" and smooches him back. Would this change the entire movie for us?

What ending do you think is best?!

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