6th Grade Teacher Donates His Kidney And Saves His Students Life!

Twelve-year-old, Kaden Koebcke was diagnosed with a kidney disease when he was only two. His father donated his own kidney to his son, but Kaden's body sadly rejected it. After the transplant, Kaden was in and out of hospitals on dialysis, hoping and awaiting for a new donor. Little did he know his prayers were about to be answered. 

His sixth-grade teacher, William Wilkinson was his miracle. William himself, had been through a similar situation. His 2 1/2 year old was in kidney failure and he remembers, "being in that position as a parent wanting someone to help." So, when he heard of Kaden's story he was inspired to help. 

Usually, donors are made anonymous and Kaden's did, until right before he went into surgery Tuesday. To his family it was still a mystery. William went over to see him at the end of the school year and told his family he was the donor.  

"We almost fell to the floor," Kaden's mother, Cami said.

William Wilkinson saved his life. Kaden and his family are beyond grateful for Wilkinson's donor donation.

They created a FaceBook Page to keep everyone updated on his health, so we'll have to check it sonn t see his progress!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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