WATCH: Is This The Most Disgusting Act On 'America's Got Talent'?

We've seen our fair share of crazy, unique and sometimes gross act on 'America's Got Talent', but this one may just take the cake!

This group of life-long friends, call themselves The Human Fountains and they project fluids out of their mouths. 

These consists of everything from water, ketchup, mustard and even raw eggs

We all have close friends you wouldn't mind sharing a drink with, but would you let them spit into your mouth and swallow it?!

Yuck! Count me out!

All they want to do is "do something to make people laugh and smile." They do, do that but they also make us cringe!

How can this be sanitary? It's not really, but one member said they try to keep as healthy as they can so they all don't get sick.

'America's Got Talent' judge, Simon Cowell, gave The Human Fountains the big red X because he thought it was stupid and disgusting.  

What do you think? Is this the most disgusting act on AGT ever?!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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