Disney Will Soon Sell Backpacks Inspired By Your Favorite Rides!

Disneyland has it all!

They have every kind of Minnie Mouse ears you could possibly think of, grown up Disney princess makeovers, and so much more!

Well Disney parks just announced that they will soon start selling mini backpacks inspired by some of your favorite rides!

There's an “It’s a Small World” inspired backpack that has white and gold smiley-face details that looks exactly like the attraction!


Then there's a "Haunted Mansion"inspired backpack that is purple and black, decorated with the same wallpaper design from inside the ride!

The two bags are very subtle so that you can get away with wearing them in your everyday life outside of the park too!

They’ll be available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks soon, but there’s no word on an exact date or prices yet. 

However, similar Disney backpacks tend to run between $70 and $85.

Are you planning on buying one of these bags?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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