Kids Banned From Restaurants During Dinning Hours See Increase In Bookings!

Oma’s Küche, which means Grandma's Kitchen, in German, and they hav taken a drastic measure to ensure a more enjoyable dinning experience for adults. 

They're banning kids under the age of 14-years-old from dinning at their establishment at dinner time. So, starting at 5PM there are no kids allowed to eat in their restaurant. 

Doesn't sound so 'grandma-like' as in their name, huh? 

The ban of kids came after the constant disruption and damage to property they've made and the parents not controlling their children. 

Owner, Rudolf Markl, said they're not trying to punish the children, but the parents who don't do anything when they're misbehaving or have complete disregard for the their kids running a muck. 

Kids, will be kids, just not in Oma’s Küche!

Although, there's some backlash, Markl isn't worried of it affecting business. He says their restaurant is located in a town where they attract plenty of travelers around the Baltic Sea, so they want their visitors to have a pleasant dining experience rather than an obnoxious one, an "oasis of peace" he calls it.

He's been thinking of the idea for 22 years and finally had the courage to pull the plug.

What do you think? Should be placing this ban over here in the states?!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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