This 'Snoot Challenge' Is The Cutest Challenge We've Seen Yet!

'Challenges' are no stranger to going viral and this is another!

We've all seen or done the "What The Fluff" challenge we did with our dogs, where we suddenly "disappear" behind a blanket and confused our dogs. 

Well, there's a new dog challenge out and you have to try it!

It's call the "Snoot Challenge" and it's super fun and cute!

All you do is make your hands or fingers into a circle and call your dog over. They'll come up and put their nose or head right through the hole you've made!

It's one of those things you can make your own.  It seems dogs just tend to put their nose or head through a hole naturally, so people are getting creative!

Who knew videos of dogs noses could be so fun to watch? Of course the funnier ones are the 'fail videos.'

Are you doing try the #snootchallenge?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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