Vans Just Released A Mickey Mouse Collection!

Vans is celebrating the main man Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday in the best way possible!

Disney x Vans are teaming up once again for a Mickey Mouse collection!

This time the collection is being released through Vans' premium Vault label, so it looks vintage!

In honor of Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, which will officially take place on November 18, Disney and Vans got four major artists involved with this line!

There's everything from sneakers to t-shirts and they are designed through each artist's vision!

The artists chosen to participate are Geoff McFetridge, Mister Cartoon, John Van Hamersveld, and Taka Hayashi.

Geoff McFetridge's designs are the most classic of the group. 

Both the t-shirt and sneakers have white backgrounds on which Mickey, with his white gloves, red shirt, and yellow shoes, is emblazoned.

Mister Cartoon is using a grayscale so both the black tee and sneakers show Mickey riding down a palm tree-lined street in a convertible. "

Van Hamersveld has a very abstract approach.

He has Mickey's iconic yellow boot hold court on the front of a navy tee and on the outsides of the sneakers, which feature the mouse's face on their inner facades.

Lastly is Taka Hayashi's take, which is more of a cool graphic streetwear vibe, but with retro elements mixed in.

It shows Mickey as a hot air balloon and it ties in the classic Vans checkerboard pattern.

The collection is available starting tomorrow (8/28) and the prices run between $78 to $100.

Are you going to buy anything?

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