These Are The Worse Times For Divers To Leave Town On Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and many people plan on going out of town causing that typical "holiday traffic."

We are here to help you so here's a list of the worst times time leave town on Labor Day Weekend.

A Drivemode study released a couple of days ago could help you avoid some of that gridlock.

Using GPS data to see which times were the worst to leave during summer 2018 holidays, researchers were able to find the 10 absolute worst hours to kick off your Labor Day weekend.

Here are the times you want to start driving in major cities this holiday weekend:

10. Seattle

Friday evening during rush hour, specifically at 5pm is the worse time to be on the road! 

9. San Francisco

In San Francisco the worst possible time to travel is on Thursday at 4.

8. Dallas

According to Drivemode data, Dallas drivers found the worse time to leave is Friday night at 10pm.

7. Atlanta

Atlanta traffic patterns also show late travel times are the worst specifically at 9 p.m on Friday.

6. Houston

In Houston the worst time to leave for you getaway is on Thursday at 9pm.

5. Los Angeles

For those of us in Los Angeles the worst time to leave or else you'll be in that L.A. traffic rush is on Thursday at 12 noon!

4. Miami

Miami residents also are going to hit that afternoon traffic if they plan on leaving at 11am on Thursday!

3. Riverside, California

If you live in Riverside, the worst time to leave is on Thursday at 3pm!

2. Boston

In Boston, your best bet to avoid the traffic is on Thursday at 5pm!

1. New York

New Yorkers you will definitely want to avoid leaving for vacay on Friday at noon because that's when you'll really hit that New York traffic rush!

We hope this helps you avoid that traffic madness!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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