Taylor Swift Explains Her Album Is About Finding Love Not About Revenge

We're used to Taylor Swift letting us know who exactly broke her heart and how, when it comes to her song lyrics. 

Usually, her albums are about heartbreak and getting revenge on her ex's, or the one's who hurt her. However, according to T-Swift herself, she says her album, 'Reputation' is about finding love not getting revenge. 

"In a recent interview on Taylor Swift NOW, Swift explains, "That despite calling out her enemies, the album is really about “finding love throughout all the noise”."

"And so it starts with the noise and how that makes all you feel, and how it makes you feel when people are saying things about you that you feel, like, aren’t true and living your life sort of in defiance of that. In defiance of your reputation."

“If you can find something real in spite of a bad reputation, then isn’t that what matters the most to you? And doesn’t it matter the most to you that you know who your real friends are now?” said the Bad Blood singer, who performed stripped down versions of hits including Delicate and Shake It Off during the show.

Taylor Swift NOW is now streaming on AT&T video platforms, including DirecTV Now, DirecTV, and U-verse."

Courtesy of People.com

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