Why 6 in 10 Parents Want Smart Phones Banned At Schools

More than half of parents want smart phones banned at schools after a study conducted by Internet Matters. 

The study revealed about 59% of parents would prefer pupils to not be allowed to carry phones during learning time. Though, 49% would still be okay with their kids to carry a phone on the way to and from school.

These were the main reasons why parents want phone time to be restricted:

  1. Cyberbullying (80%)
  2. Concern that children aren't able to manage online relationships(73%)
  3. A worry that their child will be forced into sharing images or videos (71%)

One other major concern is making sure their child has the latest device to fit in.

France just started this phone ban at the beginning of the month. Students between 3-15 years of age are required to leave their devices at home or have them turned off at school.

Chief Executive of Internet Matters, Carolyn Bunting, explains, "Giving a child a smartphone can give parents peace of mind and it offers children fantastic opportunities to learn, communicate and explore." 

"But if children aren't prepared - they can face many digital challenges including managing friendship groups, pressure to have social media or even pressure to play certain games."

What do you think? 

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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