Police Officers Buys Little Boy A Brand New Bike!

Three police officers in Tennessee decided to cheer up a little boy after his bike was stolen last week!

According to a Facebook post by the Knoxville Police Department, they responded to the theft call and went down to a local Walmart to buy and deliver a new bike to 8-year-old Christopher's home.

The police said that the thiefran off with a bike that had been given to Christopher during a "Shop with a Cop" event last Christmas.

The thief stole the bike from a fenced-in yard in broad daylight when the 8-year-old when inside for minute.

The police officers posted on Facebook, "It is incidents such as this that really tug at the heartstrings of all police officers. Compassion is a great virtue and we are very blessed to have so many compassionate police officers that serve the City of Knoxville day in and day out."

So sweet of these officers!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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