This Rhino Was Breastfeeding And The Internet Mom-Shamed Her!

Unfortunately, in our society it has become normal to see mom-shaming all over the internet.

I mean it seems like everyone gets very riled up when it comes to breast feeding in public and which then often leads to mom-shaming.

If you thought mom-shaming was only applied to humans, that's not exactly always the case.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens posted a photo of one of its rhinos nursing her baby and the internet started mom-shaming.

Yup you read that right, the internet started mom-shaming A RHINO!

Mom rihino Seyia was just trying to feed young Kendi with the caption, "Kendi will still nurse every now and then when Seyia will allow it."

As soon as the photo was posted the comments included, "isn't the child a little too old to be breast fed?" and many more

How can you mom-shame a rhino?!

What do you think about the internet mom-shaming a rhino?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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