Now You Can Get A Tattoo Of An Arby's Sandwich For Free!

You may have heard of the term a "sandwich artist," who is a person who makes sandwich, well Arby's is getting an artist to DRAW sandwiches!

Arby's hired famous tattoo artist Miguel ‘Uzi’ Montgomery to give people Arby's-themed tattoos from a flash sheet he designed.

Now these aren't those temporary tattoos that just wash off, these are 100% real!

Uzi will be giving FREE tattoos at Port City Tattoo in Long Beach this Saturday (9/22) from 11am-8pm.

Just pick a design from the flash sheet below and you can show off your love for Arby's with a free tattoo! 


Are you going to get your free Arby's tattoo?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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