Candy Corn Churros Are Now At Disneyland!

Halloween time at Disneyland means Halloween treats!

We've seen it all from cookie-crumble topped Maleficent churros, pumpkin spice churros, and now it's time for candy corn churros!

The new Candy Corn churro is an orange sugar churro with a candy corn dipping sauce!

You can find it at the churro cart near Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland and it will cost you $5.75!

 Just a heads up when you go to the churro cart don't be fooled because you will see a sign with pictures of plain churros next to some candy corn and the dipping sauce!

You may be do these churros taste?

Well the orange and yellow sprinkles are flavorless so it tastes like a normal churro, but it's all about the dipping sauce!

The dipping sauce is a marshmallow sauce and has an orange candy corn flavored sauce at the bottom of the container.

There's even some actual candy corn pieces!

Are you going to try this Candy Corn churro?

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