Sonic Drive-In's Have Been Sold To Arby's For $2.3 Billion!

Sonic Drive-In has been sold to Arby's parent company Inspire Brands for $2.3 billion!

This sale of Sonic moves them to a privately-owned fast food chain, from publicly traded market. Under control of private equity firm Roark Capital, Inspire Brands will now be in a $12 billion fast food empire operating over 8,000 restaurants.

Acquiring Sonic's Drive-In debt, Inspire can't to take the carhop company to a new level. They look to grow the company by excelling their technology and adding creative, new menu items.

Currently, Sonic Drive-In's are only found in about 44 states, Inspire looks to expand their unique restaurant concept to all 50 states soon!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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