Study Shows Why Over 250 People Have Died Taking Selfies

How far do you go for the perfect selfie? 

A recent study published by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care shows over 250 people have died taking selfies!

Since 2011, we've seen a spike in deaths while selfie taking. Why? 

We go to dangerous lengths just to get the "perfect selfie." A couple in June, died taking a selfie of them at the edge of a cliff in Portugal. We're starting to see a spike in people falling to their death while trying to snap a photo.

Dr. Tracy Alloway, a psychology professor at UNF believes social media and narcissism are to blame.  

"You want to capture your current moment. 'This is what I'm eating now. This is where I'm standing.' That is now how we process information. We engage with the moment by sharing it with someone, by connecting and saying, 'I'm looking at this sunset, I want to share it with all  my followers and all my friends on social media too.'"

Most would assume majority of the victims are women, when really, the study shows 72% of the selfie-related deaths are men with the average age of 22 years old!

Some places that has the highest number reported selfie-related deaths were: 

  1. India
  2. Russia
  3. USA
  4. Pakistan 

The study concludes there should be "no selfie zones" at certain tourist spots, tall building, mountain peaks, cliffs and large bodies of water!

What do you think? Should we have "no selfie zones"?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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