See Why Some Want Halloween Moved To A Saturday For Good

Like every holiday, sometimes they fall on a day that's convenient for you, other times they're inconvenient-- this includes Halloween.

Because Halloween requires so much interaction and factors, one group wants to have Halloween moved to the last Saturday in October, even it's not the 31st. 

What? Why?

The Halloween and Costume Association is the non-profit costume industry group behind The Saturday Halloween Movement and expresses their concerns on why the holiday should be moved.

They believe safety is a huge factor. It's dark out when the Halloween activities are taking place, and we see more fatal accidents with trick-or-treaters being hit by cars because they couldn't be seen.

Also, they think if it was on a Saturday, parents wouldn't have to rush to get home to take their kids out and rush to get them home if Halloween lands on a school night.

Having it on a Saturday would allow activities to take place earlier, when it's lighter outside to reduce accidents and there will be no pressure on time.

Doesn't Halloween during the day kind of take the 'spookiness' out of the chilling holiday?

What do you think? Would you want Halloween moved to a Saturday?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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