New High-Tech "Sam's Club Now" Stores Are Set To Challenge Amazon Go

We've seen how technology has quickly shifted the way we shop. 

Amazon Go stores were the first of it's kind, which allows customers to have a more tech savvy way of shopping. 

Well, Sam's Club is taking a stab into the 'tech savvy shopping' and created the first "Sam's Club Now" store opening in Dallas, Texas.

Already, they have a Sam's Club's Scan and Go option, where you can scan your items and pay straight on your phone, but this new store will take the Amazon Go model to the next level. 

No lines, no cashiers!

One super unique addition is the on-demand navigation/wayfinding feature. Think of it as a GPS navigation for your shopping list! You put in your items and it can calculate your quickest route! No more wandering around the store or circling trying to find your items.

Hopefully, this test works out and we can see more "Sam's Club Now" stores pop up around the country.

Any Sam's Club member can visit the Dallas store, so check it out!

How do you feel about the way technology has changed the way we shop? Yay or nay?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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