Woman Uses Cousin's Hand For Engagement Photo Since Her Nails Weren't Done

Most proposals come as a surprise but often times the future husband or the bride to be's girlfriends hint to get her nails done and go on a quick spa trip.

Unfortunately, that did not occur for Diana from Melbourne. When her boyfriend Jose proposed to her, Diane had to be inventive and created her own original solution to her un-manicured hand problem.

Diana's cousin, Jenna, luckily did have her nails done. She put the ring on her cousins hand and had her cousin step in (or should I say below) to pose and use Jenna's hand for her own.

Jenna (@goodgaljenjen) posted two photos on Twitter. One was a shot of the newly engaged happy couple smiling and kissing, while the other photo showed an in real life behind the scenes view.

You can see the cousin awkwardly crouching with her arm and hand stretched over to the couple for the photo.

She wrote: “My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done.”

Since being posted on November 3rd, it has been retweeted over 650,000!

Twitter users joke and made comments like “If he doesn't make sure ur nails are done u cant say yes” and "Omg duh that is the only reason I regularly get my nails done.”

If Jenna isn't Diana's Maid of Honor I think we'll all be a little bit bummed!

The things we do for a good photo.

Look at the pictures below!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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