NYPD Officer Belts BackStreet Boys Song From Patrol Car

An NYC police officer was caught on video singing along to the Backstreet Boys hit song "I Want it That Way" over the intercom in his squad car and trust us, he does not disappoint. 

He alternated singing the chorus into the intercom and then holding it close to the radio for the Backstreet Boys to sing backup. 

The video is going viral and star of BSB, Nick Carter, even tweeted "#WhatAreTheChances the #NYPD like the #BackstreetBoys."

Thank to social media, the NYPD officer was found! His name is Richard Gunther. He saw Nick Carter's tweet and replied with "I am the officer behind the mic. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! So happy I could use your song to bring the community together, and make people laugh. There is no better feeling."

Officer Gunther channeled a "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" episode where a fictional detective asked a handful of men in a lineup to sing "I Want it That Way" to help a witness identify the criminal.

Thank you officer for brightening up our day during this tough time, we appreciate you!

Check out a video of Richard below, along with the tweets and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" video!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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