This Dog Can't Be Separated From His Stuffed Friend

We all know the saying about dogs being a mans best friend. But have you thought about who the dog's best friend is?

In this case, this doggo has a stuffed bear bestie. The two are inseparable!

Dog owner and Twitter user @jacquelineestey posted a video of her dog that went viral. Jacqueline decided to wash her furry companion's stuffed toy and came to realize her dog was worried about his stuffed animal bear!

The video shows her dog sitting in front of the washer during the whole cycle to make sure his friend would be okay. We can tell you that this video is SO precious.

After the stuffed bear dried, Jacqueline took it downstairs but her dog saw an empty washer and dryer and got worried.

We later got an update with a photo of dog and bear safely reunited. 

We don't deserve dogs.

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Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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