A Man Dressed Up As Buddy The Elf & Started Pillow Fights With Strangers

A firefighter from Massachusetts, Brendan Edwards, wanted to spread holiday cheer in a new way this year.

Edwards dressed up as Buddy from the movie Elf and took himself and some pillows to the streets of Boston. He started pillow fights with strangers and thankfully it was all caught on camera.

He told Boston 7 News "Why don't we do pillow fights with strangers featuring Buddy the Elf?" "And that's what we rolled with. I love Will Ferrell anything. For Will Ferrell to come out with Buddy the Elf, it's just like an iconic character now for Christmas."

He said one of his most memorable pillow battles was with an older woman who knocked him to the ground with the pillow. "When she helped me up I came in with the sneak attack. We just wanted to spread holiday cheer, make people laugh, smile. That's what we're out there for."

If you're in Boston and missed him, don't worry! He's going back to the streets once a week until Christmas Day.

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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