Pet Owners Just Might Be More Successful Professionally

Owning a pet can make one's life and home so much better, Apparently, it can do more than just that. Having a pet can improve your professional life as well!

According to a new survey conducted for Banfield Pet Hospital by Kelton Global Research, those who have owned pets might just be more professionally successful. This sound like great news for aspiring pet owners!

The researchers surveyed 857 adults in the U.S. They had a variety of careers as well.

Here's the logic behind it: executives reported that having a pet taught them more life lessons such as responsibility, empathy, creativity, organization, and discipline. These are all very valuable in the business world!

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of work. So if you decide you want a furry companion, make sure you are ready and committed!

Here's a few fun facts:

- 86% of pet owners surveyed said that having a pet helps them have and stick to a daily routine and have better time management.

- 93% of the C-level executives surveyed said they grew up having a pet at home.

- 77% of C-level executives surveyed said they have thought of business ideas while out walking their dog.

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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