Bird Box Fans Visiting Home In Monrovia That's Seen In The Movie!

If you haven't heard about Bird Box, or still don't know anything about it.

Well, you are missing out!

People are going crazy over Netflix's new horror hit Bird Box.

It even sparked a new challenge where people are going out into the real world wearing blindfolds just like they do in the movie.

Now, fans are even visiting the home in Monrovia.

Outside the home, people keep stopping by and covering their eyes to take photos.

This isn't a spoiler alert, but in the film which you can tell from the previews already the characters have to wear blindfolds to protect themselves.

The owner of the home says that they filmed for 3 days inside her home and doesn't mind the fame or that visitors have been coming by every day.

Have you watched yet?! 

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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