Costco Is Selling A 7 Pound Tub Of Nutella!

Nutella lovers!

This is for you!

If you've been putting off a trip to Costco for a while now, this will give you a reason to go!

They are now selling the biggest tub of Nutella you'll ever see!

It's 7lbs!

Imagine that, 7lbs of pure chocolate hazelnut spread!

Each tub serves 81 people. That's a lot of people!

A 13-ounce jar of Nutella will sell an average of $3.49.

So when you purchase the large container for $21.99, you'll be saving $6.00!

Head on over to Costco now or order online!

Either way, get that spoon ready!

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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