Newborn Taken Away After Poppy Seed Causes False Positive In Drug Test!

Keep this in mind if you enjoy poppy seed bagels.

Poppy Seeds can lead to a false positive while taking a drug test!

This woman, Elizabeth Dominguez lost her newborn baby to the Child Protective Services because she ate a poppy seed bagel for breakfast.

Sounds crazy, right?

She went into labor shortly after eating the bagel.

When she was at the hospital, nurses had her pee in a cup and then found out that she tested positive for illegal drugs.

After, she called her husband freaking out and was confused how this could even be possible! She doesn't do drugs.

CPS workers ended up showing up and taking her son shortly after he was born.

Dominguez and her newborn were both tested for opiates, both coming up negative but CPS still kept him from her.

Luckily everything was resolved by the next day and Dominguez had her son back in her arms.

Even though she is upset she missed the first 24 hours of his life, she is happy he's back with her.

Elizabeth wants everyone to know that this can really happen and she wants people to be aware.

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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