Caramel Apple Churros Are Now At Disney's California Adventure!

Don't worry, no evil witch here! Just me telling you that you can now purchase Caramel Apple Churros!

The Caramel Apple Churro will cost you $6.50! It's your classic churro with a Halloween twist of course. It's completely dusted with a green apple flavor and covered in apple compote and caramel sauce.

It almost looks like a warm apple pie.... just green and in the form of a churro! Next time I'm at Disney's California Adventure I'm trying this for sure!Some who have tried the treat say it was sweet, but not too sweet and some suggest the churro might have tasted better if it wasn't covered in green apple flavor dusting.

If you want to give this treat a try, head on over to the Hollywood Churro Cart! You'll be able to try them from September 6th to October 31st!

What's your favorite Holiday Churro so far at Disneyland?!

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