72% Of Workers Feel Employers Are Too Tolerant Of Toxic Employees

Do you ever feel this way?

Almost 72% of employees wish their employers were less tolerant of so-called toxic employees, according to a new survey by leadership development and training company Fierce Conversations.

The survey said the three most toxic traits are a negative attitude, a tendency of being manipulative and not being a team player.

“ There are toxic employees in all different workplaces of all sizes and across industries, yet we are not seeing necessary efforts to combat these problem employees,” according to Stacey Engle, who is the president of Fierce Conversations, in a press release.

“The fact that confronting problematic employees directly is people’s third choice of action should be concerning to all organizational leaders. The amount of time and energy that can be saved by providing employees the skills and empowerment to address issues head-on, before they become larger issues, is so important.”

Do you believe this is true? What are your thoughts?

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