Stuffed Baby Shark Saves Toddler's Life

Not only are Baby Shark toys wildly popular with preschoolers, but it turns out they also save lives.

Police in Madison, Wisconsin are crediting a Baby Shark stuffed animal with saving a toddler from a stray bullet that entered her crib. The incident occurred earlier this week while the girl, identified only as Aziyah, was sleeping alongside her favorite stuffed toys, her mother says. The bullet, which was fired from somewhere outside the home, pierced the bedroom wall and came to a stop after striking the Baby Shark -- just inches from Aziyah. "If the bullet would've came just a couple more inches, it could've targeted her," her mother says. "It was really God. He really had my baby wrapped." When has serendipity intervened in a potentially awful situation for you?

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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