Family Creates Aquarium & Zoo Out Of Recycled Materials In Their Yard!

This Burbank family has the most creative way to entertain and educate their neighbors!

The family created an Aquarium and Zoo in their front yard and they are still adding more and more each day! Since visiting places like the aquarium hasn't been allowed throughout the pandemic, the family chose to make their own fun.

It all started with some construction paper. The Ruff family went from creating their Burbank home front yard to an aquarium and now has expanded to be a zoo!

Wendy Ruff stated "Everything is made of recycled materials.This was a juice bottle, this was a laundry pod container."

There are more than 700 decorated cardboard cut outs on display and some even decorated by the community. The family is now collecting art supplies for third grade students in South-Central Los Angeles.

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