Dolly Parton Released Her First Holiday Album In 30 Years!

Dolly Parton just released her first Holiday album in 30 years!

To celebrate the release of her new album, she even released her own line of Christmas attire! You'll be able to listen to the album while working from home, cleaning the house or if you are ready for non-stop Christmas music early, just keep playing it on repeat!

You'll hear artists like Michael Buble, Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Willie Nelson and Randy Parton all on the new album. Dolly stated "We were working in our little circle with our masks and with our gloves and we had our engineer and we just had the very few people that we had to have when we were in there when I was singing."

For a list of the tracks you'll her on A Holly Dolly Christmas, click here!

Are you ready for Christmas music?!