McDonald's Will Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde With Food & A Reading!

McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Items This Week

Are you into astrology? Well, McDonald’s is helping customers survive the upcoming Mercury retrograde with a special 2-day giveaway!

“This period of time, when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward, is known in astrology as a phenomenon we should dread and one characterized by difficult communication and frequent misunderstandings.”

McDonald’s is offering a free McChicken or McDouble with a purchase of a medium fry on May 10 and 11 to help troubled customers during this time.

The Golden Arches also is teaming up with tarot card reader and astrology expert, Madam Adam, to offer select fans “McDonald’s-inspired” readings on Tuesday.

McDonald’s said in a statement that for a chance to get a reading, starting Monday, fans need to comment with their name and Zodiac sign on Madam Adam’s TikTok or Instagram posts announcing the Mercury retrograde deal.

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