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Snittens: Mittens Made Specifically to Wipe Your Runny Nose

Snittens are winter gloves that are made specifically for wiping your nose while outside on extra cold days.

You probably already wipe your nose on your jacket sleeve, so why not just use these extra soft snot absorbing gloves instead.

Just don’t go shaking anyone’s hand with them on after using them…

The company behind Snittens claims that they are actually able to absorb 28x their weight in pure human snot (yes, they measured).

This is a pretty good gag gift, though they’re actually quite useful for people who need them.

These mittens are machine washable so once you get snot and tears all over them, just throw them into the washing machine to use them again the next day.

There are two different versions of the Snittens, one version for men, and another version for women.

The only difference is the style and size of the mittens.

The snot holding level and general performance remain the same.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the winter now, get your Snittens on Amazon now!

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