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You Can Now Earn A Media Influencer Certificate

There’s Now a College Course on How To Be a Social Media Influencer

Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio has a new program and it can earn you a Media Influencer Certificate.

The courses are spread out over two semesters and will teach the ins and outs of being a social media influencer.

Students will need to take classes on basic coding, business, visual storytelling, and public speaking.

Students can choose to exclusively pursue the certificate, or add it to any other degree they're earning.

Students in Broadcast Media Technology, Commercial Art Technology, Music Business Technology, and Entrepreneurship will most likely take an interest in this two-semester program.

Here are more details

If you're a parent that thinks this course is a waste of time and money, some influencers make six-figure salaries as full-time social media influencers.

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