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Have You Heard Of Catios?

Have a cat?

It might be time to build a “catio”.

A catio is a meshed screen patio attached to the back of your house.

Why should you use one?

Your cat loves to be outside, but it is killing innocent birds.

The catio not only protects birds. It can protect you, too.

Cats can pick up illnesses, such as Songbird Fever, from birds and they can

pass it to humans.

Aside from avoiding illnesses, a catio will help cat owners avoid the nasty business of disposing of dead animals that

their furball brings home.

Also, if your cat is always trying to bolt to get outside, this may be the purrrrrfect solution! Your cat can be outside but won't wander off or get eaten by a coyote!

Here's where you can read all about them and see all the options! CatioWorld.com

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