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Is Taylor Swift Going To Be The Super Bowl Halftime Performer In February?

NFL Drops Hint Taylor Swift Could Be Super Bowl Halftime Show

Swifties love nothing more than a good investigation surrounding their favorite girl.

Taylor Swift's fans believe she could be doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl in February.

Here are the clues that led them to this conclusion:

The NFL announced Apple Music as the new halftime partner at midnight Friday morning.

Taylor's albums drop at midnight (who's gonna tell them 98% of artist's new albums drop at midnight Friday morning?)

Her new album dropping next month is titled, Midnight.

Taylor has never done a halftime show in part because the sponsor was previously Pepsi and she is locked in with Coca-Cola.

The NFL has not confirmed or denied anything other than Apple Music is the new sponsor.

Does the theory make sense?

Who are some artists you would like to see do the halftime show?

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