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The worst holiday dishes that some say should never make a comeback

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, everyone has begun planning their menus for the food-centric occasion.

Recently, nostalgic retro holiday flavors have experienced a renaissance, and a whole new generation of home cooks have rediscovered classic ways to prepare meals using the ingredients of yesteryear.

While some classic holiday dishes clearly deserve a spot on your holiday menu, other foods are perhaps better off left in the dust.

Home cooks and culinary experts agree that some seasonal classics consistently fail to please most dinner guests and just don't taste right to the modern palette. 

Eat This, Not That! assembled the master list of some of the least popular holiday dishes out there that should never make a comeback to your Thanksgiving table.

Here are 8 of the worst holiday dishes that some say should never make a comeback:

  • Ambrosia salad
  • Jell-O salad
  • Aspic (Jell-O with MEAT)
  • Oyster casserole
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Banana pudding pie
  • Candied yams

For an explanation as to why you should skip these dishes, read here

Thanksgiving table with turkey and sides

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