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Wendy's is giving out free French fries today with any order

Friday the 13th may be scary to some, but there's no horror in getting free food on the widely viewed unlucky day. 

Wendy's announced it is giving away free fries as part of its "FRY-day the 13th" promotion, as consumers will be able to get a free order of fries, at any size, with the purchase of an online order. 

The deal won't just apply to Jan. 13 either. People can cash in on the free fries for a week, up until Jan. 19.

"Fry-day the 13th just turned lucky – all week long! Take that, black cats," Wendy's said.   

How to get free fries from Wendy's

All you need to get free fries is to download the Wendy's app. Users can add the order of fries to any online order, and can be redeemed in-store or by in-app delivery. 

The promotion runs from Jan. 13-19.

Free fries won't be the only thing Wendy's will be offering this month. Here's what other offers people can redeem during January, all in the app only: 

  • Jan. 20-22: Free 6-piece nuggets with the purchase of any medium or large fries
  • Jan. 13-29: Free jr. bacon cheeseburger with purchase of any medium or large fries
  • Jan. 30-Feb. 6: Buy one get one free medium or large fries 

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