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Oops! That Is NOT A Bunny!

Aldi shoppers are calling out the supermarket chain for stocking Easter Bunny marshmallow snacks that resemble something other than what they were intended to be. 

The unintended shape of the “Bunnies and Chicks” first caught the attention of a British shopper who wrote on Twitter: “Sorry Aldi, but that ain’t a Bunny.” 

She shared a picture of the phallically-shaped candies that bear absolutely no resemblance to an Easter Bunny. 

Twitter users piled on the jokes, with many invoking double entendres.

“Did they misspell chicks,” one Twitter user quipped? 

“I will take 5 bags please,” wrote another. 

The blunder was so obvious that even Aldi tweeted in response: “We can’t even defend this one.” 

The chain’s response generated as much as the initial post that prompted it. One Twitter user replied: “Nice to know Aldi has a sense of humor though!” 

To which Aldi replied: “Positives vibes only!” 

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