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Subway Is Launching a Restaurant Inside a Blimp

It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a giant Subway sandwich!

If you look toward the sky in September and see an oversized Subway sandwich floating overhead, you’re not having hunger-related hallucinations.

Subway is really, truly launching a new dining experience called “Subway in the Sky,” which involves taking guests 1,000 feet above ground in a 180-foot-long blimp.

And yes, that inflatable aircraft does actually look like one of Subway’s recently launched sandwiches, one of the new Deli Hero subs called “The Beast.” 

The best part of it all is that some lucky sandwich lovers will get an opportunity to climb aboard the meaty airship for a 30-minute flight and sample all four Deli Hero subs.

The blimp will fly over Kansas City this week from today (Tuesday) through Thursday.

Next, it will be in the sky above Atlanta on September 13th and 14th;

Orlando on September 19th and 20th; and over Miami on September 24th and 26th.

Those interested can register at SubwayintheSky.com.

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