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How Adventurous Are You? Did You Know You Could Do This?

A woman's TikTok is blowing up after she realized you can go to Google Flights and type the word "anywhere" as your destination.

Here's a good hack if you desperately need a vacation and don't care where you go . . .

Some woman's TikTok video is blowing up after she realized there's an easy way to find the cheapest plane ticket possible.

The key is you have to be very flexible about your destination.

Go to Google Flights, enter the dates you want to fly, and the airport you want to fly out of.

Then for your destination, just type the word "ANYWHERE".

A map of the world pops up with ticket prices for every major city on Earth.

You can dial it in by price too, so it only shows flights that fit your budget.

If you click the calendar to change your dates, there's also a "Flexible Dates" option that shows the cheapest flights for specific months, or anytime in the next six months.

Her video is about Google Flights, but Kayak has a similar option. If you type "anywhere" as your destination, it does the same thing.

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