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The Best Hacks To Make Thanksgiving Dinner Taste Way Better

Top chefs from throughout the nation shared their Thanksgiving feast secrets and ways to make your meal taste amazing. 

For dressing or stuffing: Jon Davis, vice president of culinary for La Brea Bakery in Van Nuys, California, suggested using “high-quality artisan bread that is at least one day old” in your stuffing recipe instead of a box mix. 

Cranberry Sauce: The chef-owner of Laurent Tourondel Hospitality said he “simply adds orange juice or apple cider for a bit more acidity that balances well with the sweetness” while making cranberry sauce.

Green Beans: Tourondel makes superb green beans using a simple approach. “Just sauté them with shallots and a little turkey jus,” he advised.

Mashed Potatoes: Make your usual recipe and “add roasted garlic, toasted caraway seeds, goat cheese, or grated aged hard cheese right before serving."

Turkey: Spread butter, cumin, and smoked paprika on the bird before roasting. Zack Wannawong, executive chef at Hotel West and Main Tapestry by Hilton in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, follows a similar method. "I use a herb butter rub to season my turkey and think it brings out the natural flavors," he explains. Buy pre-made herbed butter, or create your own with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and chives. He advised rubbing butter over the turkey before baking to provide “an aromatic and rustic flavor that wasn't there before.”

Close up of Thanksgiving turkey on dining table.

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